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Reach Meeting

About Reach

Reach is a group advocacy project to help people speak up and is part of Asist advocacy services.

Asist has been providing advocacy in our local communities for more than 25 years. Advocacy is about speaking up for our rights, choices and inclusion. 

Advocacy can support us to speak up with confidence for ourselves and for our communities. 

People in communities can advocate for each other to make sure everyone has an equal voice.

Speaking up together gives communities a stronger voice.

In Reach we want to work with people to:

  • link up people’s voices to make them louder

  • share our learning and skills

  • represent communities in community decisions 

  • shine a light on inequalities in our communities

  • enable individuals to contribute to the monitoring of services and the review of the National Disability Strategy within Staffordshire.

People can be brought together by situations or events to share what we have and strengthen what we do. 

Speak up about something and see if you can help us to get things done.

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